June 17

Monarch Players

Dr. R. Rex Stephenson

Dr. R. Rex Stephenson

The Monarch Players are proud to present:  The Jack Tales by: Dr. R. Rex Stephenson.

Who We Are

The Monarch Players are the first High School Children’s Theatre touring group in Newport News, Virginia to present The Jack Tales. The troupe is made up of students from Menchville High School with at least a year of training at the High School Level.  

Monarch Players Mission

Our mission is to bring theatre and education to children through out Newport News and the Eastern Virginia.


SOL’s that the Monarch Players fullfil:

1. TII.1, TII.2, TII.3, TII.4, TII.6, TII.7, TII.8, TII.11, TII.12, TII.13, TII.15, TII.16, TII.17, TII.18, TII.19

2. TIII.1, TIII.2, TIII.3, TIII.4, TIII.7, TIII.8, TIII.9, TIII.11, TIII.12, TIII.14, TIII.15, TIII.16, TIII.18

Jack Tales Ashpet

Mr. Pica performing Ashpet (Jack Tale)

If you would like a list of these SOL’s, you can go here, Virginia Theatre SOL’s, and view the entire template.

History of Jack Tales

“R. Rex Stephenson originated the Jack Tale Players in 1975 with a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts to present the traditional Jack Tales in dramatic form for children.” 

“After a trial run in a hallway at Ferrum Elementary School, the first performance of the Jack Tale Players occurred at Callaway Elementary School in Franklin County, in December 1975. Since then, more than half a million people have enjoyed over 2,500 performances in thirty-four states and in England. Folklorist Richard Chase visited Ferrum College twice in the late 1970s as consultant to the Jack Tale Players. An anniversary performance was given in the same room at Callaway Elementary School on December 12, 2005.” Excerpt taken from The History Of The Jack Tale Players. You can find out more here.

Beyond Jack Tales

I have had the fortune to have performed all over the East Coast and Central Virginia and the one thing that I have learned, is performing as much as possible is the best education there is.

The Monarch Players solve many needs through out the community but the most important is the education our High School Students receive. As actors, our job is to always stay learning and push ourselves to become better performers.

With our children’s theatre group, we can accomplish that. Our students will get continuos training and experience growth, not just from practice, but from real and tangible performance.

Our students will be able to measure there growth through unlike any other school program available.